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Service Two

Migration Services

If you want to migrate your website from one CMS package to another then we are here to help. Many people or businesses have built with a website in a platform that might not be able to cope with the ever increasing demands of your business.

Our service can help you migrate your website from WordPress to Drupal or Joompla and vice versa. 

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Our Services

If you pefer a more tolerated package then pick up the services you need from the list.

If you are looking for something that it is not listed on this site please contact us and we will dvise you accordingly.


We can register your desired domains and make sure that they are renewed and directed to the right place.

Design & Layout

We can advise you for the best layout and design for your business so you can achieve the best results.


Advise about the best and most economic hosting package for your needs.


We can provide you with training regarding the day to day use of your new website, how to make changes, etc

Backups & Restore

We offer backup and restore services for your websites and databases as well as settings.

Online Newsletters

We can help you with the creation of online newsletters and the right forms which you need to have in your website.


We are offering maintainence of the database which your website is using.


We can offer consultancy services regaridng your online presence (current and future).

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